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Church Growth



Josh Hunt, Author
You Can Double Your Class
in Two Years or Less

5 Core Training Series Now Available on DVD


The Big Double Bundle packages everything you need to get your groups doubling in one convenient, customizable package. It is not so much a program for you to implement as it is a set of tools for you to adapt to your setting. Here is what you receive in the Big Double Bundle:

  • The NEW Double Your Class Video. 10 weeks of basic training for your teachers on how to double. This series and all the series in this package are presented in an interactive style so that Josh teaches for a time, then pauses and asks you to discuss. Then, he teaches some more, and you discuss some more. Through this interactive approach you can adapt and customize a plan for doubling that works in your setting.

  • Disciplemaking Teachers. The #1 predictor of the growth of any class is the teaching ability of the teacher. This 13 week interactive series trains your teachers to teach effectively.

  • TIGER Training: 8 things your teachers must have from their pastor and staff to double every two years or less. Everything rises and falls on leadership. If the teachers are to see of vision for doubling groups, the pastor and staff must cast and model that vision. This 8 week interactive series shows you how to cast a vision, recruit teachers, create new classes, train teachers and more.

  • The FACTS About Doubling Classes. I like to call this series, "I can double your class in two years or less." This series is a 13 week interactive curriculum to be used in class. (Permission is granted to make enough copies of the series for all of your teachers to go through the series simultaneously.) In this series we will explore some basic Bible truths on faith and love and so forth. But, we will also throw in truths about how to double a class. Plus, we will hold the group accountable. So, after a month we will say, "By now we should have had a party and invited every member and every prospect to every fellowship. How did that go?"

  • You Can Double Your Church in FiveYears or Less is a tool designed to be used by your deacons and top leadership team. It explores the attitudes and actions of doubling churches. Without the support of the top leadership of the church, the plan is bound to fail. This tool allows the top leadership of the church to get on board with the dream of doubling groups.

The Big Double Bundle includes these five videos, as well as 4 books. It contains everything you need to get your group doubling.

Plus, it comes with a no-hassle, no-questions asked, money-back guarantee. We realize you cannot be sure whether this tool is right for you until you see it. So, we offer this simple promise: if you are not completely satisfied, just return the products and we will promptly and courteously refund your money.

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