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Andy Stanley: circles are better than rows

So right about now you’re thinking, Hmm. How do you program that? You don’t. You can create practical Bible teaching, but you can’t create a providential relationship. Our team spent a lot of time discussing the church’s role in this important faith catalyst. Here’s what we concluded. While it’s beyond our ability to manufacture any […]

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Andy Stanley: what causes people to grow?

A second theme that surfaces when people tell their faith stories revolves around the development of a private devotional life. Somewhere along the way, Christians begin to pray. Alone. They begin exploring the Bible on their own. They memorize their first Scripture verse. It’s not uncommon to hear people speak of getting up a little […]

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Andy Stanley: practical teaching causes growth

When individuals describe their faith journeys, they always reference the first time they were exposed to practical Bible teaching. For some, this happened at a college Bible study. For others, it was in a home. For many women in our country, it was Beth Moore who served as an introduction to this type of teaching. […]

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