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A 13 week
interactive video
designed to teach
a group to double
every two
years or less.

I would love to have the opportunity to teach one of your classes for 13 weeks and get them on the path of doubling every two years or less. Now, through interactive video, I can. In this video, I will do exactly what I would to if I actually had the privilege of teaching one of your groups. I would teach for a while, discuss for a while, and lead the group to embrace the character qualities and disciplines that will help them double every two years or less.

My dream is to see the church double in the next 20 years. We can double the over all church by doubling one group at a time.

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I had the opportunity to visit one of the nation's flagship churches recently. At least, it used to be one of the nation's flagship churches.

I have heard of this church for 25 years. Their previous pastor, the one who built it to be the major mega-church that it is today was a national icon, appearing on the stage of every evangelism and church growth seminar in the nation.  I wondered how the church had faired in the decade sense he left.

I was pleased with what I found. The building was beautiful. It had been updated with state of the art media equipment, alternating between slick PowerPoint and live video. The landscaping was nicely manicured, the greeters well trained and friendly. They had transitioned to a contemporary 11:00 service and a "classic" 9:30 service. I am sure this move had cost the current pastor some, but they had pulled it off with aplomb and the service seemed to be well executed. They employed an "unplugged" sound that was distinctly contemporary, yet mellow. Loud drums were replaced by a multitude of percussive toys.

The sermon was polished, biblical, warm, and practical. Everything was done with excellence. But I was bored. The building was over half empty. I learned that day, excellence is not enough.

What was missing? What caused this magnificent paradigm of growth and effective evangelism to plateau? It lacked passion. Boring may be too strong, but it just didn't feel like they were talking about anything that someone would die for. It was nice, but nice is not enough to turn the world upside down. I was only there for one Sunday morning service, but if I lived in the area, I am not sure that I would go back. It was good, great in fact. Excellent in every way. Excellence is not enough. We must have passion. We must be obedient to the command of God to "never be lacking in zeal."

Full of zeal, as it turns out, is difficult to consistently maintain. Let's talk about it on this forum. How do you maintain zeal, passion, energy? What zaps your zeal?

I would also like to invite you to take your group through a 13 week journey on Enjoying God. The great problem in the church today is not lack of programs or methods to double. The great problem in the church today is lack of zeal for the work. This 13 week interactive video will lead you and your group to joy in God.

Coming Soon!

A new interactive video on the attributes of God.

People who have a small view of God have big problems. People who have a big view of God have small problems. The great need in the church today is a big view of God. We need to see a God big enough to capture our imaginations, our hearts, our lives. This 13 week interactive video series will expose your group to such a God.