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How a "3"
Can Be a "10"

I have taught for some time now that in order to double a class every two years or less, you have to have half way decent teaching, each and every week, nothing less will do. You don't have to be Chuck Swindoll to grow a class, you do have to have half way decent teaching. You don't  have to hit it out of the park every week, you do need to get on base. Recently, I ran across an exception to the rule. I ran across a "3" presenter who is doubling her class. In fact, the overall group experience is about a "9". (By the way, the evaluation "3" would be the presenter's own evaluation of herself as a presenter.)

How does she do it? How does a "3" produce a "9" group experience? Simple. She doesn't do the presenting. Beth Moore does. ( www.lproof.org  ) I have never heard anyone who has heard Beth Moore who wouldn't give her a "9" or better. So, Beth Moore does the presenting by way of video, my friend creates the group life, (inviting every member and every prospect to every fellowship every month). And, walla, we have an overall group experience that is a "9" or better.

There is a slight problem in my mind. In this case, the videos are full hour videos. So, they watch the videos this week and discuss them the next. This has inherent problems. For one thing, you won't have the same people show up each week, so some people discuss without watching, while others watch without discussing. Further, it is not that interesting to come, sit with a group, and watch a full hour of video. Far better to have the video and the discussion the same week. For this reason, I have always preferred half hour video so the group has time to discuss the same week they watch. It is also why I am pioneering a product that takes it down on more level, where we watch for 10 minutes, discuss for 10 minutes, and so forth. I call this interactive video.

Still, with this problem acknowledged, I think this Beth Moore Video/ local group coordinator is a great combination and one that can be widely implemented. Here are some situations where I think it can work well:

  • If this leader is just not a presenter, as in this case
  • If the leader is a capable presenter, but does not have time. I have lead numerous video classes over the years. I fancy myself a half way decent presenter, but don't have time to prepare for as many groups as I have, at times, been teaching.
  • As a supplement or substitute to a regular presenter. Variety is the spice of life. Even if you don't like the idea of regular video, it is hard to imagine a situation where it wouldn't be useful from time to time.

If you want to take the idea of using video in group life to the next level, I would invite you to think about this: the cost of video production is plummeting, while quality is sky rocketing. My fiend Tim Eason www.youcandouble.com  can help you set up a video ministry in your church. Perhaps you could use "man on the street" interviews to supplement, or illustrate your lessons.

Can't find enough teachers in your church? I would invite you to consider the 1 - 2 punch of a good group facilitator combined with an effective video presentation.


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