Sermon-based Lessons

Josh has written sermon-based lessons that go along with my weekly sermons to my congregation. This has provided a new level of alignment between the topics I present from the pulpit and the conversations that happen in our Connection Groups. Our people love it and it is a great complement to our worship services.

-- Stephen Cutchins
Pastor, FBC N. Augusta

Good Questions Have Groups Talking

Our little church has really enjoyed Good Questions. They love the open discussion. We have grown too! The local folks are buzzing about Providence Sunday school.
Only by the grace of God.
Tina Leonard

Why we must discuss

We are changed more by what we say than what we hear. People who speak words of gratitude become more grateful. People who speak words of love become more loving. People who complain become grumpier. We must lead people to be people who are, "speaking the truth in love, we will grow." (Ephesians 4.15

Good Questions Have Groups Talking

Good Questions have groups talking, thinking, growing, pondering, changing. We have 100 examples of Jesus using questions to teach. The classic example is when He led his disciples through a series of questions to have Peter declare, "You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God." Jesus knew that when Peter declared this truth, he would be changed by it.

Good Questions Save You Time

If you have been studying and teaching the Bible for a while, prep time can be greatly reduced through the use of Good Questions. Perhaps you are a pastor and/or have been to seminary and/or have just been studying the Bible for years. All you need is 20 or so ready-to-use questions and you are good to go.

Weary of Struggling to Find Teachers?

I used to struggle to find and recruit Sunday School teachers -before I started writing Good Questions that Have Groups Talking.

Small Group Life's Two Biggest Problems

When I was a Group Pastor I had two problems

  1. I couldn’t get enough leaders
  2. Many of the leaders I did have were boring

How could Good Questions solve both of these problems?

We had the privilege of hosting Josh Hunt for our mid winter Sunday Morning Bible Study leadership conference. The emphasis on investing and building relationships is the key to reaching our society today. If you have not had the opportunity to have Josh Hunt in your church or attend one of his conferences, make plans to involve your leadership. His concepts will make a difference in your thinking about how simple it really is to reach out to people.

Charles Stanley

Josh Hunt believes in the power of the small group ministry in your church. And, his belief is contagious. In his new book, Make My Group Grow, Josh presents sound application to easy to understand research that will benefit every size and style of church. Your groups and leadership will benefit from this book.

Ed Stetzer

Josh Hunt’s book should be read by all who are looking for new ways to reach people.

Rick Warren

Christianity is a rescue religion

It declares that God has taken the initiative in Jesus Christ to rescue us from our sins. This is the main theme of the Bible. You are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins. The Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost....

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The problem of evil

Non-Christians often raise the question of how an all-powerful God who is altogether good can allow evil and suffering. The understanding that God created man in His image with a will that allows a meaningful response explains the existence of evil in a world ruled by...

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What a difference good questions make!

There is a gigantic difference between the person who has no questions to help him/her process situations and the person who has profound questions available. Here are a few of the differences: WITHOUT PROFOUND QUESTIONS: Shallow answers WITH PROFOUND QUESTIONS:...

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John Maxwell on asking questions

If you want to be successful and reach your leadership potential, you need to embrace asking questions as a lifestyle. Here’s why: You Only Get Answers to the Questions You Ask Have you ever failed to ask a question because you thought it might be dumb? I have! Too...

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An unpopular subject

Sin is an unpopular subject, and Christians are often criticized for going on about it too much. But they only do so because they are realists. Sin is not a convenient invention of church ministers to keep them in their job; it is a fact of human experience. The...

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Ice cream and Evangelism

Donald McGavran, the father of the modern Church Growth Movement laid the foundation for all church growth thinking that was to follow. His message could be summarized, in part, by saying, "Most of the barriers to the Gospel are not theological, they are social."(1)...

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Discussion-based Lessons

Discussion-based lessons have groups talking and changing. We are changed more by what we say than what we hear. "Instead SPEAKING the truth (not just hearing the truth) we will grow." Ephesians 4.15

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Jesus’ uniqueness

Some years ago I received a letter from a young man I knew slightly. ‘I have just made a great discovery,’ he wrote. ‘Almighty God had two sons. Jesus Christ was the first; I am the second.’ I glanced at the address at the top of his letter. He was writing from a...

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Jesus’ most striking feature

The most striking feature of the teaching of Jesus is that he was constantly talking about himself. It is true that he said a great deal about the fatherhood of God and the kingdom of God. But then he added that he is the Father’s ‘Son’, and that he himself had come...

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Basic Christianity

‘In the beginning God.’ The first four words of the Bible are more than a way of launching the story of creation or introducing the book of Genesis. They supply the key which opens our understanding to the Bible as a whole. They tell us that the religion of the Bible...

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Joy and relationships

I hope it is plain so far that if you come to God dutifully, offering Him the reward of your fellowship instead of thirsting after the reward of His, then you exalt yourself above God as His benefactor and belittle Him as a needy beneficiary. That is evil. The only...

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Joy is commanded

The Scriptures command joy, hope, fear, peace, grief, desire, tenderheartedness, brokenness and contrition, gratitude, lowliness, etc. Therefore Christian Hedonism is not making too much of emotion when it says that being satisfied in God is our calling and duty. It...

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God is most glorified in us…

If you get anything, get this. I learned it from Jonathan Edwards, C. S. Lewis, and, most importantly, from the apostle Paul. Edwards was the greatest pastor-theologian that America has ever produced. He wrote a book in 1755 called The End for Which God Created the...

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The Dangerous Duty of Delight

So if Christian Hedonism is old-fashioned, why is it so controversial? One reason is that it insists that joy is not just the spin-off of obedience to God, but part of obedience. It seems as though people are willing to let joy be a by-product of our relationship to...

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God loves the sound of your voice.

For that reason “be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God” (Phil. 4:6). God loves the sound of your voice. Always. With this verse the apostle calls us to take action against...

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How I Solved Group Life’s Two Biggest Problems

When I was a Group Pastor I had two problems I couldn’t get enough leaders Many of the leaders I did have were boring Great groups were great—really great. But, a lot of groups were not great. And I struggled to create new groups because I couldn’t get leaders. I...

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Contagious Calm

Disaster was as close as the press of a red button. Four Russian submarines patrolled the Florida coast. US warships had dropped depth charges. The Russian captain was stressed, trigger-happy, and ready to destroy a few American cities. Each sub was armed with a...

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Guilt and anxiety

Guilt came first. Anxiety came in tow. Guilt drove the truck, but anxiety bounced in the flatbed. Adam and Eve didn’t know how to process their failure. Neither do we. But still we try. We don’t duck into the bushes. We have more sophisticated ways to deal with our...

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Learning to Rejoice

If anyone had reason to be anxious, it was he. Let your imagination transport you two thousand years back in time. Envision an old man as he gazes out the window of a Roman prison. Paul is about sixty years old, thirty years a Christian, and there is scarcely a...

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Anxiety kills

Anxiety is trepidation. It’s a suspicion, an apprehension. Life in a minor key with major concerns. Perpetually on the pirate ship’s plank. You’re part Chicken Little and part Eeyore. The sky is falling, and it’s falling disproportionately on you. As a result you are...

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Sample Good Questions

You can sample Good Questions for free.

A group of 10 that doubles every 18 months will reach 1000 people for God in 10 years.

–Josh Hunt

People who are opposed to the gospel are not opposed to ice cream.

Josh Hunt

It is a sin to bore people with the Gospel

–Howard Hendricks

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Josh Hunt believes in the power of the small group ministry in your church. And, his belief is contagious. In his new book, Make Your Group Grow, Josh presents sound application to easy to understand research that will benefit every size and style of church. Your groups and leadership will benefit from this book.

Ed Stetzer,
President of
LifeWay Research,

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