Eliseo Aldape

Courtesy Baptist General Convention of Texas

What is a Hispanic Home Bible Study?
A Hispanic Home Bible Study is an approach to reach out into the Hispanic community using a home of a prospective family or a home of a church member who wants to reach his immediate neighbors. This Bible Study group provides an opportunity for all to study the Bible in one large group.

It provides and opportunity for people who do not attend church to have an experience of Bible study. It may be conducted during the week or on Sunday afternoon.

A Hispanic Home Bible Study may meet for a period of ten to thirteen weeks. It may eventually become a new Sunday School. Persons reached through this effort may be led to attend the sponsoring church.

How to do it!

  1. Lead the church to commit to start from 1 to 5 Hispanic Home Bible Studies.
  2. Share your vision with the church leaders. Lead them to see the need of reaching a selected list of Hispanic families that would not come to Sunday School at the church because of work schedule of other significant barriers.
  3. Develop a list of the families that need to be reached through a Home Bible Study.
  4. Enlist and train from 1 to 5 Home Bible study leaders. Make sure the leaders understand the needs of the people to be reached.
  5. Underscore the fact that this is a Bible study and not a mini- church service. Plan to devote all the time for Bible study. Do not involve singing or sharing of testimonies at this time. This is not church. It is a Bible study in a home where people don’t go to church.
  6. Secure the Bible study materials at least three weeks before the set time to begin. El Intérprete or "Invitación al Estudio B'blico" are excellent Bible Study materials and can be ordered on the Dated Literature Order Form from the Baptist Sunday School Board, Nashville, Tennessee.
  7. Make a visit in the prospective homes with the assigned study leader and offer the home Bible studies to the husband, or the couple of the home. Make them aware that the study will be available for every member of their family and that they should feel free to invite other members of their family and their neighbors as they wish.
  8. Set a date and time for the first Bible Study. During the first two to three session do not plan for more than 30 to 45 minutes. After the initial three weeks move to a full hour if there is interest on their part. Do not go beyond one hour for the entire Bible Study.
  9. Follow up on your commitment to start on the date set and the time decided. Do not ask the prospective participants to change the schedule.
  10. Secure the names and addresses of all who attend. Keep up with their attendance.
  11. Follow-up by writing a personal note of thanks for attending the Home Bible Study.
  12. Before the end of the ten or thirteen weeks determine whether the study will be continued or enlarged to include age-group classes and start a new Sunday School. If the decision is to end the Home Bible Study, encourage everyone who can to attend the regular Sunday School at the church. Provide transportation for those who may need it
    Regular Sunday School teachers may be invited to one of the last sessions of the Home Bible Study to a get-acquainted time with those attending the Home Bible Study.

Who Can Be the Home Bible Study Leaders?
The pastor should be the person to organize, lead the planning, enlist and train the leaders.

The Hispanic Home Bible Study leaders should be members of the Church who exhibit a mature level of understanding of people’s needs and have a caring heart for winning the lost to Jesus Christ. An adult lay person or an adult couple may be enlisted to conduct these Home Bible Studies. Enlist persons who have taught in Sunday School or have had some training in teaching the Bible in Sunday School.

To insure the quality of the Home Bible Studies provide one hour prior to the session to go over the material that will be covered during the Bible Study.

What Resources Are Available?

  1. Spanish Bibles are available at Baptist Book Stores. If assistance is needed, churches may call their local association for help in securing Bibles or New Testaments.
  2. Spanish Bible study resources are available from the Baptist Sunday School Board, Nashville, Tennessee and the Casa Bautista de Publicaciones in El Paso, Texas.
  3. You may contact Chuck Padilla, Ethnic Consultant for the Sunday School/Discipleship Division at: Baptist General Convention of Texas, 333 N. Washington, Dallas, Texas 75246; 1-800-355-5285