Eliseo Aldape

Courtesy Baptist General Convention of Texas

 What is a Hispanic Family Bible Study?
A Hispanic Family Bible Study is an approach to provide for a Hispanic family an opportunity to experience a Bible study where the family can participate and to present to them an opportunity to know the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to lead them to accept Christ as their Saviour. This group is composed of immediate family members who reside at a specific address.

A Hispanic Family Bible Study may meet for a brief time of ten weeks, thirteen weeks or longer if the family desires it. It may expand to include other extended family members after the initial previously determine duration or it may become a Home Bible Study or a new Sunday School.

How to do it!

  1. Lead the church to committ to starting Hispanic Family Bible Studies. Share the possibilities and determine the number to be conducted.
  2. Select the families where these Bible Studies are to be offered.
  3. Enlist and train the Bible Study leaders. Make them aware of the purpose of these Family Bible Studies.
  4. Lead the Bible study leaders to be aware that these are to be Bible studies and not mini-church services.
  5. Set the date and time to begin. The actual date and time may be worked out with individual families where the Bible studies will be conducted.
  6. Secure the Bible study materials needed at least three weeks before the time to begin.
  7. Make a visit to the prospective family or families and offer them the Family Bible study. If in agreement, determine the date to begin and set the time according to their schedule.
  8. Make the family aware that this Family Bible Study is for their immediate family and has a purpose to strengthen family life and to give an experience of participating in the Bible study as a family.
  9. Assure the family that the scheduled time will be honored. Do not spend more than 45 minutes to an hour in each session.
  10. Secure the names of all who will attend.
  11. Follow up your visit with a letter including the date and time to begin and the name of the person or couple who will conduct the Bible study.
  12. Before the end of the determine duration for these Family Bible Studies decide whether these will continue, expand to include other family members or neighbors or discuss the possibility of expanding the Bible studies to include Bible study groups for all age-groups and start a new Sunday School.

Who can be the Family Bible Study Leaders?
The pastor should provide the leadership in organizing, planning, enlistment and training of leaders and making the initial visit in the home. The Hispanic Family Bible Study leaders should be mature adults who have some experience in leading Bible studies in Sunday School. They should have a caring concern for the lost and a desire of winning them to Christ. The pastor will want to provide training to help the leaders become familiar with the Bible study materials to be used. To insure quality experiences the pastor may provide a one hour training session prior to the actual home visit to go over the material to be used during the Bible study.

What Resources are Available?

  1. Bibles in Spanish are available at Baptist Book Stores. If assitance is needed, you may call the local association for help in securing Bibles or New Testaments.
  2. "Estudios Biblicos para Niños" is a good resource for Family Bible Study. This material has a teacher’s book, a pupil’s book and a resource kit (Recurso Didáctico). This material, prepared in a thirteen lesson format, is easy to use in a family setting where the parents can be involved in leading their children in Bible study activities. You may order this from the Baptist Sunday School Board, Nashville, Tennessee, on the Dated Literature Order Form.
  3. You may also contact Chuck Padilla, Ethnic Consultant, Sunday School Division at the Baptist General Convention of Texas, 333 N. Washington, Dallas, Texas 75246. You may also call at the toll free number 1-800-355-5285.