One Cool Way to do Training

Archie Mason of Wynn, Arkansas shared with me a cool idea for doing training that I wanted to pass along. He mentioned that he had planned to get every class to get an assistant teacher (I am thinking, teacher in training ala 2 Timothy 2.2). He would get them all together and do some training on Sunday morning. I think he had in mind to do about a month at a time.

It occurred to me as we were talking that you could also do the reverse. After training the assistant teachers for a month, you could send them back to their class rooms to teach, while you met with the regular teachers.

This plan has a lot of advantages. First, it is prime time. Who hasn't struggled with getting your teachers to come to training on Wednesday night or Sunday night. On Sunday morning, this is prime time. They are already there. By "forcing" every teacher to get a substitute, you are building into your teachers the idea of multiplication.

Another cool thing about this idea is it is inherently flexible. If four weeks doesn't work for you, could you try one week? Perhaps you could do one week a quarter, or one week a semester. Perhaps you could do a month in the summer and a month in the winter. For your subs, you might could do a whole semester and go through something like Bruce Wilkinson's Seven Laws of the Learner, or my own Disciplemaking Teachers. (I am not sure that I would recommend pulling the regular teachers our for a whole semester; I'd have to be awful confident in the subs.)

Another approach would be to work with adult subs one month, potential preschool workers the next, youth the next and so on. After working with the subs for a while, again, you could send them to the regular classroom and work with the regular teachers. I am liking this idea more and more the more I think about it.