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Welcome to subscription-based lessons—like Netflix for Bible Study Lessons. One low monthly fee gives you unlimited access to all these lessons and more. For a medium-sized church, cost is about $10 per teacher per YEAR.

20 Questions

If you can read 20 Questions, you can lead a Bible Study.

Not sure you know the answer to the questions? No worries.

We provide answers in the form of quotes from people like Charles Swindoll, David Jeremiah, and John Ortberg that will make you sound brilliant.

Why we must discuss

We are changed more by what we say than what we hear. Paul said, “SPEAKING the truth… we grow.” Jesus said it is what comes out of a man that changes him. James said your words are the rudder of your life. Effective teachers lead people to speak the truth, not just hear the truth.

Weary of Struggling to Recruit Teachers?

A common problem in all churches–big churches and little churches–is the need for more workers. Jesus said it would be true. He said, “the harvest is plentiful is but the workers are few.” Question-based Bible Study Lessons makes recruiting teachers a whole lot easier.

Knowing God

“A hundred years from now only a handful of books written today will still be widely read and accepted as Christian classics. Dr. James I. Packer’s Knowing God may well prove to be one of them. A gifted theologian and writer, Dr. Packer has the rare ability to deal with profound and basic spiritual truths in a practical and highly readable way. This book will help every reader grasp in a fuller way one of the Bible’s greatest truths: that we can know God personally, because God wants us to know him.” Billy Graham

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The Pursuit of Holiness

“Be holy, for I am holy,” commands God. But holiness is something that is often missed in the Christian’s daily life. According to Navigator author Jerry Bridges, that’s because we’re not exactly sure what our part in holiness is. In The Pursuit of Holiness, he helps us see clearly just what we should rely on God to do—and what we should take responsibility for ourselves. As you deepen your relationship with God, learn more about His character, and understand the Holy Spirit’s role in holiness, your spiritual growth will mature.

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Lifeway Bible Study Supplements

If you use Lifeway Bible Study literature, you will love Good Questions Have Groups Talking. They approximate three of Lifeway’s lesson series, and make groups come alive with application-oriented discussion.

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Discussion-based Lessons

Discussion-based lessons have groups talking and changing. We are changed more by what we say than what we hear. "Instead SPEAKING the truth (not just hearing the truth) we will grow." Ephesians 4.15

The tools God uses to change us

The first tool God uses in changing us is the Bible. Through Scripture he teaches us how to live. Second Timothy 3:16 – 17 tells us, “The whole Bible was given to us by inspiration from God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives; it straightens us out and helps us do what is...

Rick Warren: Structuring Your Small Groups for Growth

The gates of hell are not prevailing

As we just saw, of all the growth among all the various faith groups, including the infamous nones, research shows us that is it is actually the nondenominational churches that have seen the most explosive growth. There is no doubt about that. And we must also appreciate that it’s the very rare nondenominational church that is...

God’s Power to change your life

What would you like to change about your-self? Would you like to be more confident or more relaxed? Perhaps you would like to be more outgoing, less anxious, or less fearful. Most of us are more than a little interested in changing because we realize there is always room for improvement. We have probably even read some self-help...


We believe that what you can't change what you don't measure. Discipleship is a lifelong process of becoming who God has called us to be. Throughout life we enter into different stages with varying struggles, trials, and temptations. It's easy to focus on those things. But, discipleship isn't just about what we're going through....

Evangelicals are thriving, Stetzer says

The answer to the question of whether Christianity is shrinking or not is both yes and no. This seemingly contradictory answer is the key to understanding the truth of the current and future state of the church. But for a people of faith committed to truth and used to dealing in the absolute categories of black and white, right...

Jounaling as a spiritual discipline

Throughout the Israelites’ wanderings in the wilderness, they were exhorted by God through Moses to remember what God had done. To do so was to create a record of God’s faithfulness so that future fears could be easily overcome. Here is one example: “If you should say in your heart, ‘These nations are greater than I; how can I...

Is the Church Dying?

Poor Chicken Little. She freaked out about nearly everything and cried constantly about the apocalyptic doom that was going to rain down upon everyone’s heads, literally.1 But in reality, the sky wasn’t falling at all. It was just an acorn submitting to the everyday laws of gravity and landing on Chicken Little’s soft cranial...

Can we trust the Bible?

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