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20 Questions

If you can read 20 Questions, you can lead a Bible Study.

Not sure you know the answer to the questions? No worries.

We provide answers in the form of quotes from people like Charles Swindoll, David Jeremiah, and John Ortberg that will make you sound brilliant.

Why we must discuss

We are changed more by what we say than what we hear. Paul said, “SPEAKING the truth… we grow.” Jesus said it is what comes out of a man that changes him. James said your words are the rudder of your life. Effective teachers lead people to speak the truth, not just hear the truth.

Weary of Struggling to Recruit Teachers?

A common problem in all churches–big churches and little churches–is the need for more workers. Jesus said it would be true. He said, “the harvest is plentiful is but the workers are few.” Question-based Bible Study Lessons makes recruiting teachers a whole lot easier.

Knowing God

“A hundred years from now only a handful of books written today will still be widely read and accepted as Christian classics. Dr. James I. Packer’s Knowing God may well prove to be one of them. A gifted theologian and writer, Dr. Packer has the rare ability to deal with profound and basic spiritual truths in a practical and highly readable way. This book will help every reader grasp in a fuller way one of the Bible’s greatest truths: that we can know God personally, because God wants us to know him.” Billy Graham

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The Pursuit of Holiness

“Be holy, for I am holy,” commands God. But holiness is something that is often missed in the Christian’s daily life. According to Navigator author Jerry Bridges, that’s because we’re not exactly sure what our part in holiness is. In The Pursuit of Holiness, he helps us see clearly just what we should rely on God to do—and what we should take responsibility for ourselves. As you deepen your relationship with God, learn more about His character, and understand the Holy Spirit’s role in holiness, your spiritual growth will mature.

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Lifeway Bible Study Supplements

If you use Lifeway Bible Study literature, you will love Good Questions Have Groups Talking. They approximate three of Lifeway’s lesson series, and make groups come alive with application-oriented discussion.

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Discussion-based Lessons

Discussion-based lessons have groups talking and changing. We are changed more by what we say than what we hear. "Instead SPEAKING the truth (not just hearing the truth) we will grow." Ephesians 4.15

The Dechurched are not atheists

When social scientists think about religion, they typically categorize religiosity in three ways: behavior, belief, and belonging. Behavior is measured through things like church attendance or amount of offering donated to a religious organization. Belief is assessed through asking questions about what a respondent believes about...

I am wondering if this would improve our singing in small groups and small churches

Here is what I know… worship is, in the words of John MacArthur, the Ultimate Priority of the church. Piper said: Missions is not the ultimate goal of the church. Worship is. Missions exists because worship doesn’t. Worship is ultimate, not missions, because God is ultimate, not man. When this age is over, and the countless...

I’m Wondering… What if every group used Meetup?

Here is what I know… The gospel nearly always spreads on the rails of relationships. If you want to check this, just ask. Next time you are in a group, ask for a show of hands. “How many of you came to faith in Christ primarily through the influence of friend or relative?” I have asked this many times. Nearly every hand will go...

I am wondering if this would help to reverse the decline

Membership down by 20% Worship attendance down by 39% Group attendance down by 45% Baptism down by 58% Wow. Let those number sink in. I got to thinking, “What happened in the decade surrounding 2005? There could be a number of answers to this question and Southern Baptist numbers are part of a larger trend. But, here is what I...

When Your Way Isn’t Working

Are you feeling stuck in a cycle of ineffective patterns and searching for a way to break free? Look no further! Dive into the profound insights of Kyle Idleman's transformative book, "When Your Way Isn't Working," in our engaging and enlightening Bible study series. We'll delve deep into Chapter One of Idleman's groundbreaking...

The practice of godliness

IF I HAD to choose one word to summarize all the marks of a mature Christian, it would be the word godly. There is no higher compliment that can be paid to a Christian than to call him a godly person. He might be a conscientious parent, a zealous church worker, a dynamic spokesman for Christ, or a talented Christian leader; but...

Through Jesus, shadow Christians experience God’s tender love.

Many people, including some shadow Christians, struggle with believing God really loves them. They project their flawed father-image (often resulting from a bad experience with their human father) on God, envisioning him as a harsh taskmaster or distant demigod they must please at all costs. They find biblical reinforcement by...

Shadow Christians are valued by God.

Some ideas explode in our minds and shape our behavior for a lifetime. It happened to me in a seminary classroom almost forty years ago. The professor said three words, “Theology informs practice.” That simple sentence summarized the most consequential lesson from my formal ministerial training. Those words—theology informs...

The Great Dechurching & reasons for hope

As our data poured in on the Great Dechurching, one truth became increasingly clear: what looks like defeat to many could really be the beginning of something special. Tens of millions of people may be leaving the church, and more than eighty-six churches may be closing every week, but if we have eyes to see it, there is actually...

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