>Chris Thixton has created four classes since 1999. He is a poster teacher for the Double Your Class philosophy. His adaptation of the plan is Pizza on Sunday

He grew his class, the first time I met him, from 4 to 40 in nine months. How did he do it? Pizza on Sunday. Then, I came back a second time. He had just started a new class–he and his wife and two other couples. I asked him to check in with me, “When you get this group doubled, send me an email.” Six months later, he sent me an email. “Just checking in. Next month we will send out 25 people to start a new class. We will have 35 in our class.” He went from 6 to 60 in 6 months. How did he do it? Pizza on Sunday.

He called me summer before last. “I am back up to 40 again. I want to divide my class, but here is the deal. We are having a hard time finding preschool and children’s workers.” (Sound familiar?) “So, here is what I want to do. Instead of sending ten people out to start a new class, I am sending ten people out to help in the preschool and children’s area to teach. Do you think that is a good idea? Do you think it is OK that I delay starting a class to do this?” I think it is a great idea. How did Chris do it? What was his plan? Pizza on Sunday.

What is working for Chris is doing what a lot of pastors do. He wanders around the auditorium and glad-hands with people. Doing this week by week he knows who the visitors are, and who the members are. He shakes hands, connects, says “hi” and is just generally friendly. When he finds a visitor that might be a prospect for his class, he pauses. He talks a little longer. He asks about the kids. Then he says these magic words, “Say, listen, a bunch of us are going to go get pizza after church. If you would like, we would love to have you come along. I am buying the pizza! Do you think you might could join us?”

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