I would like to help your Sunday School to double.

Hi! I am Josh Hunt, founder and president of 2020 Vision. My dream is to help the church double in the next 20 years. I would like to ask for your help, as well as offer mine to you.We can double the church in the next 20 years by helping Sunday School teachers double every two years or less. Teachers can double every two years or less by following five simple steps.

Teach a halfway decent lesson each and every week; nothing less will do. You don’t have to be Chuck Swindoll to grow a class, but we do need halfway decent teaching each and every week. You would be surprised to learn how many teachers are not halfway decent. I was shocked by what I learned.

Invite every member and every prospect to every fellowship every month. If you want to double your class every two years or less, don’t invite people to class. Instead, invite them to the party. I have found that if I can get them to the party, I cannot keep them from class. Read how a whole denomination is putting this idea to work in Australia.

Give Friday nights to Jesus for an informal time of fellowship, Diet Coke, games and laughter. Invite friends and invite those who have no Christian friends.

Encourage the group toward ministry. It is the responsibility of those in ministry to recruit those not yet in ministry. The best way to do this is through a team.

Reproduce. The future of the church is the multiplication of groups.

I have dedicated my life to teaching these five principles to groups. I do this through books, videos, and live presentations. If you would like to host a seminar at your church, email me at josh@joshhunt.com or call 505 532 9693. I also have a weekly E-newsletter called Teacher Tips that will encourage you and your teachers around the vision of doubling. Articles are available on a wide variety of subjects related to doubling groups. Articles include, “The power of WOW” and “How to Muzzle the Overly Talkative Person.”

The most important part of this process is the teaching itself. For this reason, I have written another book called Disciplemaking Teachers. It is also available as a 13-week video training course. I present  live presentations on it as well. In addition, I write two lessons a week that correspond with Lifeway’s Explore the Bible and Family Bible Series outlines. These consist of 20-30 Good Questions that lead the teacher to teach in an interactive, question and answer style. The are available on a faith basis.In order for teachers to double every two years or less, they need some things from their pastor, the staff, and the church leadership.  Specifically, they need eight things from their pastor and staff. We have developed a video series entitled, T.I.G.E.R. Training: Eight Things Teachers Must Have from their Pastor and Staff. Some of the concepts developed in this series are:

  • Ten ways to create new groups.
  • Why recruiting right is more important than training right.
  • What really keeps churches from doubling.
  • The great church growth myth. 

See which principle is taught in all church growth books and why it is wrong.
Doubling a church goes beyond what happens in the classroom. There are church wide issues that affect the Sunday School class. Issues of faith and expectations and the health of the church. This is why I produced the series, You Can Double Your Church in Five Years or Less. In it we discuss six attitudes and five actions of doubling churches. We unpack the difference between the “magnet” factor–how many visitors a church has, and the “velcro” factor–how many stick around and why this important.  Most churches have plenty of visitors if we can just get enough of them to stick around. How many is enough? We explore that on this informative series designed for deacons, Sunday School teachers and church leaders.

Recently, I have began developing an interactive video curriculum. In this way, I can come into the classroom and teach your group.  While we are at it, I will also teach them how to double their group every two years or less. By interactive video, we mean teaching with a remote control in your hand. I will teach for five or ten minutes, ask you to pause the tape and discuss a point, then teach some more, then ask you to pause the tape again.

So far, I have completed the following series:

The F.A.C.T.S. About Doubling Classes. I can double your class in two years or less. Allow me the privilege of teaching your group for 13 weeks. We will explore together the five disciplines of doubling classes.

Enjoying God. Six steps to obedience to the command of a holy God to rejoice in the Lord always.

The God We Enjoy. People with a big view of God do big things for Him. We will explore 13 qualities of the God we enjoy.
Jesus told us a parable of three men. Two took what they had been given and doubled it. One didn’t double what he had been given. To the two who doubled, the master said, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.” To the one who didn’t double, the master said, “you wicked, lazy servant.” I want to be the faithful servant who doubles. I want to do all I can to help you to double. I want to invite you to help your teachers to double. I want to partner with you in doing so.

The best way to get started is my weekly Teacher Tips E-Newsletter.  Allow me to stay in touch with you and challenge you each week to be about the vision of doubling. It is free and it will enable us to begin a process toward doubling. Also


Josh Hunt
2020 Vision
Helping the Church Double