You don’t have to have a hip, happening, cool, missional,
purpose-driven, mega, innovative, out of the box, or simple church to double. I am in doubling
churches all the time that are not doing what a lot of books tell us
we have to do.

I was able to capture nine new testimonies of people in pretty
normal churches that have doubled. To view these testimonies, point
your browser to


In addition, I receive email pretty regularly from normal
churches that are doubling. Here is an email I received this week:



This is the BEST e-mail you have ever sent out
for 95% of the churches in America.  Since you were with us a
few years ago, our church has doubled in attendance, sold our
church, bought new property, relocated, and built Phase 1 of our
new worship center.  We’ve been in the new facility three
months, and we’re already maxed out in space (going to two
services and two Sunday Schools on Sept. 16).  We must begin
Phase 2 very soon.


My point is we are a "normal" church.  People are
flocking to us from all backgrounds and are getting saved
(because we have great outreach), from all denominations (no one
cares much about that anymore), ages (because we have
outstanding ministry to each age – INCLUDING college age which
has quadrupled in the past year), and social classes (our
millionaires don’t stand out in the crowd).


We’re normal because:

1.  Our "cell ministry" is Sunday School.

2.  We still sing add a hymn to our blended

3.  I still preach about sin, grace, redemption,
heaven, hell, and the Holy Spirit (which even some of our A/G
churches have soft peddled in an attempt to make us more
palatable to other denominations).

4.  We haven’t run off all of our senior adults
(they’re the ones helping us pay the bills!)

5.  I still wear a coat and tie when I preach, as
do our staff pastors.

6.  Etc. etc. etc.  You get the idea.


Being normal does NOT mean we’re stuck in the
mud, refuse to change, and live in the 1950’s.  We celebrate
every church’s way of doing ministry if the’re winning souls and
not compromising the terms of the gospel.  But, we’ve found our
niche, and it works for us.


Josh, there are thousands of people in every city
who are sick of the break neck speed changes their pastors are
making every 6 months trying to find the right combination to
grow their churches.  They’re tired of wondering, "What kind of
church will we be this month?"  People are looking for a church
where they can feel secure when they come to church.  They want
to know their children are safe.  And they want to attend a
church they can trust.  In short, they want a church where they
can feel the presence of the Lord. 


The greatest compliment I’ve heard from visitors
over the past 10 years is this, "When we walked in the door, we
felt the presence of the Lord."  That was true in our first
little 100 seat chapel, the storefront, our first "new" church,
and I just heard that comment again last week.  That’s the REAL
secret to our church growth.  However, you are so right–all of
the other elements must be in place and done with excellence.


Here’s a great idea for you to
promote–GRANDPARENT’S DAY.  It is the second Sunday in Sept. 
Hallmark makes a big deal out of it, and we’ve capitalized on
it.  Last year, we had the largest attendance of the year, other
than Easter.  The children send handwritten invitations to their
grandparents inviting them "to come watch me sing at church…" 
We do it all that day to showcase the kids and honor the
grandparents.  It’s an idea I don’t hear of anyone doing–but it
will work–BIG TIME.


Thanks for the wonderful job you’re doing, Josh. 
I recommend you all the time to our pastors and district
leaders.  I appreciate your friendship.  If we could mix your
Baptist water with our Pentecostal fire we’d produce enough
steam to win the whole world to Christ.  Let’s do it!


Pastor Andy Harris

Central Assembly of God

Bossier City, Louisiana