I’d like to invite you and a dozen or so of your teachers over on

a Saturday morning for an engaging conversation on how to double
your class every two years or less. I don’t want to just talk about
it; I want to actually train your teachers to the end that they are
actually doubling every two years or less.


It will take more than one session. We won’t get there in one
day. But, over the course of a year or two, we can learn the skills
necessary to double every two years or less.


We will need to meet several times, perhaps once every two or
three months. In between times, I will ask you to begin to put into
practice the things we talk about. Also, I will ask you to do some
reading. The next time we meet, we will talk about what worked and
what didn’t. We will discuss obstacles and celebrate victories, and
yes, there will be some of both. And, we will do some additional
training. Each session will build on the last–first the foundation,
then the structure, and finally the roof. We will learn together how
to double every two years or less.


I have in mind to get started with the most high-impact content I
know: the discipline of hospitality; what I call “Giving Friday
Nights to Jesus.” I will challenge you to begin making the discipline
of hospitality a lifestyle. “Get into the habit,” as the Bible says.
This one session will not get your group doubled, but it will get
your group started in doubling. This one session contains, in
condensed form, the most powerful, growth-creating information I


The second session will deal with heart. I call it “Developing a
Heart for People Who are Far From God.” It is all about developing a
heart like God’s heart-a heart that cares. A heart that longs for. A
heart that prays about. A heart that loves. A heart that is drawn
toward people who are far from God. Without that kind of heart, not
too much else will matter. The Bible says, “above all else, guard
your heart.” Everything begins with the right heart.


The third session gets really exciting. I love this session. This
session is about the dream–the amazing power of doubling groups.
There is a world-wide, unprecedented movement of doubling groups and
God invites you to be apart of it. Nothing like this has ever
happened before. You will be amazed by what you hear. Henry Blackaby
taught us that if you want to follow God you need to discover where
God is at work and join God in what God is doing. We don’t dream up
things to do for God. He is God. We discover where He is already at
work and join Him in what He is doing. God is at work in an amazing
way in a world-wide movement of doubling groups. We will learn how
you can be a part, and why this movement is not happening every
where. You won’t want to miss this session.


These are all the sessions that have been developed so far, but
future sessions are in the works.


Session four will deal with the question, “What are you trying to
do with these people, anyway?” We will talk about what a disciple is
and what it takes to make one. We are not just out to get a crowd.
We are not out to make smarter sinners. We are not just about
numbers. We are about making disciples. This session is
indispensable in understanding what is the disciple we are trying to


Session five will deal with how to make disciples. We will
explore the fundamental, foundational theology of how God changes
sinners into saints. It is not enough to double attendance. We must
be about the business of making disciples. We will explore how
asking good questions can make a group come alive. We will explore
all types of good questions to be used in all types of situations. This
session is the most practical as far as how to teach an interesting,
life-changing lesson.


By session six you will likely be well on your way to having
doubled your class in two years or less. And, you will be getting
tired. In this session we will be talking about how team work makes
the dream work. We will talk about how to do evangelism as a team
through doubling groups and through each person using their gifts to
help their group double. We will talk about various class officers
and how to discover your spiritual gifts.  This session will
reveal not only how to double a class, but how to do it in a way
that is sustainable. This is God’s way: all hands on deck!


Other sessions are planned beyond these. I want to create an
ongoing system of training that will give you everything you need to
create an on-going movement of doubling groups in your church.


Here are some specifics on how Saturday Morning Training DVDs


    • Each session includes about an hour of video with questions
      built into the video about every five minutes. Thus, with
      discussion, each session is designed to last about three hours.
      The suggested time format is from 9 – 12 on Saturday morning.


  • I suggest you start with breakfast. Although this is
    optional, it will help the group establish rapport and an
    atmosphere that will make the discussion that follows more
    meaningful. It also gives you an excuse to nail people down as to
    whether you can count on them to be there. Tell them you need to
    know how many eggs to buy.



  • I suggest you meet in a home, with about a dozen or so
    teachers at a time. In larger churches, I would hold multiple
    sessions so that teachers have options as to which session to
    attend. Alternatively, you could meet as a large group at church
    and have discussions around round tables. But, the home is the
    preferred approach.



  • The pastor’s involvement is everything. Nothing is important
    till the pastor says it is important. If the pastor is joyfully
    involved in the process of creating groups that double, we have
    a good chance of creating a doubling group movement in your
    church. Of course the pastor can’t come to every session, but he
    should be involved and leading the charge to create a doubling
    group movement in your church.





Saturday Morning Training DVDs are designed to be affordable for
any budget. Starting at only $29 these videos cost less than a lot
of us spend on cokes and coffee in an average month. And, with a buy
two get one free deal, and a reproducible edition available, it gets even better.

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Saturday Morning Videos come with a simple, no-hassle guarantee.
If you are not completely satisfied, you don’t pay.

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I want to help

In addition to providing resources, I want to be here to help. If
you have a question along the way, feel free to call me or email. My
cell is 505 650 4564. My email is
I am committed to helping you double.

If, in time, God answers our prayers and there really is a
doubling group movement, and I can’t handle all the correspondence,
we might set up a forum where we can help each other. One of the
things that being on the road has taught me is that there are a lot
of wise and good people out there. I will always be involved in this
process, but, like discipleship, this might be better done in a
group–an online group in this case.



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