Winning a child to Christ is, of course, infinitely valuable in itself, but sometimes we are winning even more, as the following story shows:

Edward Kimball, a shoe-shop assistant and a Sunday school teacher in Chicago, loved boys. He spent hours of his free time visiting the young street urchins in Chicago’s inner city, trying to win them for Christ. Through him, a young boy named D. L. Moody got saved in 1858. Moody grew up to be a preacher.

In 1879, Moody won to the Lord a young man by the name of F. B. Meyer, who also grew up to be a preacher. Meyer won a young man by the name of J. W. Chapman to Christ. Chapman, in turn, grew up to be a preacher and brought the message of Christ to a baseball player named Billy Sunday.

As an athlete/evangelist, Sunday held a revival in Charlotte, North Carolina, that was so successful that another evangelist by the name of Mordecai Ham was invited to Charlotte to preach. It was while Ham was preaching that a teenager named Billy Graham gave his life to Jesus.

It all started with winning a child to Jesus.

Citation: Bill Wilson, Streets of Pain (Word, 1992), pp. 123-24; submitted by Cora Reimer; Milton Keynes, England