“If a man will not work, he shall not eat.” That may sound hard, but the wisdom of that Scripture is seen in the story of one New York man.

According to the Associated Press, this thirty-six-year-old resident of New York was quoted as saying, “I like to live decent. I like to be clean.” Nothing wrong with that; the only problem was he didn’t like to work. So he found other ways to satisfy his cultured tastes.

He would walk into a fine restaurant, order top cuisine and choice liquor, and then when the check arrived, shrug his shoulders and wait for the police. The sometimes homeless man actually wanted to end up in the slammer, where he would get three meals a day and a clean bed. He has pled guilty to stealing a restaurant meal thirty-one times. In 1994 he served ninety days at the Rikers Island jail for filching a meal from a cafe in Rockefeller Center.

New York taxpayers have paid more than a quarter of a million dollars over five years to feed, clothe, and house one lazy man.

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