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Jens Oveson was fishing for salmon in central Norway’s Gaula River when he was swept away by a strong current. Kjell Wilhelmsen, 55, spotted the man’s struggle. Wilhelmsen had fished the river for 25 years and knew where the current would carry Oveson. Wilhelmsen ran across a bridge, waiting for Oveson as the current carried him downriver.

Wilhelmsen later told a newspaper, “He seemed paralyzed. Only his face and the tips of his boots were above water. I decided to start casting.”

His homemade lure hooked Oveson’s rubber waders on the first cast of about ten yards. But Oveson weighed nearly 250 pounds. Wilhelmsen used every trick he knew to reel in the big man without breaking his light line. He landed the half-conscious Dane and hauled him onto the shore. Oveson survived the ordeal.

Citation: “Fisherman Hooks Drowning Dane to Save His Life,” The Wenatchee World (7-20-01); submitted by Jay Caron; Wenatchee, Washington

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