In an article about former Today show host Bryant Gumbel, Cheryl Lavin writes in the Chicago Tribune Magazine:

Gumbel loves golf. Loves golf. Belongs to four clubs. Plays 200 times a year, sometimes 54 holes a weekend. Owns 2,000 golf clubs. “It’s the one thing that you do that is only about you. It’s the thing I enjoy the most,” he says.

Gumbel and Al Roker were discussing a poll in Golf magazine that asked, “Which would you rather give up, golf or sex?”

Without hesitating, Gumbel said sex. Roker was surprised. Gumbel said, “Maybe you’ve never had a great round of golf.”

“Which would you rather give up?” is not always a hypothetical question. Sometimes God asks us to give up something enjoyable for something that is far, far more enjoyable. The more we see the true joys of the things of God, the easier any sacrifice becomes.

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