When Dawson Trotman passed away he probably left a legacy of discipleship on this earth that will never be matched except perhaps in the life of Jesus Christ Himself. I’ve become a real student of Dawson Trotman and believe wholeheartedly in the methods of discipleship that he taught and emulated throughout his days. He died in Schroon Lake, New York. He died of all things in the midst of an area that he was expert in—he drowned. He was an expert swimmer. The last few moments he had in the water he lifted one girl out of the water. He went down and got the other girl and lifted her out of the water and then submerged and was not found again until the dragnet found him a few hours later. A man named Larsen was on that boat when Trotman died, and he said, “The entire United States Navy couldn’t have saved Trotman that day—it was God’s time.” Time ran an article on Trotman’s life the next week, and they put a caption beneath his name, and it read, “Always Holding Somebody Up.” In one sentence, that was Trotman’s life—investment in people, in honesty and humility, holding them up. Are you doing that? Who are you holding up? Charles Swindoll / Illustrations Unlimited.