THE FOLLOWING IS AN INCOMPLETE LIST of what you have in store after your immorality is found out.

  • Your mate will experience the anguish of betrayal, shame, rejection, heartache, and loneliness. No amount of repentance will soften those blows.
  • Your mate can never again say that you are a model of fidelity. Suspicion will rob her or him of trust.
  • Your escapade(s) will introduce to your life and your mate’s life the very real probability of a sexually transmitted disease.
  • The total devastation your sinful actions will bring to your children is immeasurable. Their growth, innocence, trust, and healthy outlook on life will be severely and permanently damaged.
  • The heartache you will cause your parents, your family, and your peers is indescribable.
  • The embarrassment of facing other Christians, who once appreciated you, respected you, and trusted you, will be overwhelming.
  • If you are engaged in the Lord’s work, you will suffer immediate loss of your job and the support of those with whom you worked. The dark shadow will accompany you everywhere . . . and forever. Forgiveness won’t erase it.
  • Your fall will give others license to do the same.
  • The inner peace you enjoyed will be gone.
  • You will never be able to erase the fall from your (or others’) mind. This will remain indelibly etched on your life’s record, regardless of your later return to your senses.
  • The name of Jesus Christ, whom you once honored, will be tarnished, giving the enemies of the faith further reason to sneer and jeer.

Swindoll’s Ultimate Book of Illustrations & Quotes by Charles R. Swindoll