When Billy Graham preached Dawson Trotman’s funeral sermon, he spoke of Daws’ single-mindedness. He told us, “Here was a man who did not say, These forty things I dabble at,’ but This one thing I do.'”
A person can destroy his or her life in one of three ways. The first is to give in to a lazy slothful nature and do nothing. I’ve seen young people go down that road. They buy a guitar, put on a pair of cutoffs, go to the beaches of sunny California, and waste their lives lying around frying in their own fat.
The second way to destroy your life is to give yourself to a goal, work hard, and discover at the end that you gave yourself to the wrong goal. I have known many who have done this. Some have poured out their story in bitter regret and tears.
The third way is what Dr. Graham was talking about. Become a dabbler and never really do anything.Be the Leader You Were Meant to Be: Growing Into the Leader God Called You to Be.