The spiritual gifts are task oriented, so it is not out of order to expect them to work. If God has given you a gift, He has done so because He wants you to accomplish something for Him in the context of the Body of Christ. Gifted people get results. Postulating that God wants us to be successful is not contradictory to sincere Christian humility. If you experiment with a gift and consistently find that what it is supposed to do does not happen, you probably have discovered another one of the gifts God has not given you.

This is where I got my first clue that I do not have the gift of evangelist. I tried with dedication and sincerity and it did not work. I tried public evangelism and I bombed. I tried personal evangelism and got knots in my stomach and became tongue-tied. When I observed some of my friends who were effortlessly witnessing and leading large numbers of people to Christ, I then knew that, compared to them, I was getting very little supernatural help in evangelizing. It was the flesh, not the Spirit. God was trying to tell me something.

If you have the gift of evangelist, people will come to Christ regularly through your ministry. If you have the gift of exhortation, you will help people through their problems and see lives straightened out. If you have the gift of healing, sick people will get well. If you have the gift of administration, the organization will run smoothly. When true gifts are in operation, whatever is supposed to happen will happen.

–Your Spiritual Gifts Can Help Your Church Grow. Peter Wagner