I have a friend who is a great preacher, but he has gotten to the place where he no longer mentions the gospel. He does not mention the fact that a man must come to God as a sinner. Oh, he tells people, “You ought to love Jesus. You ought to serve God and obey Him,” and all that sort of thing. But, my friend, that is not where you begin. You might as well go out to a graveyard and say, “Listen, fellas and girls, let’s all start doing better. Let’s all start committing our lives to the Lord.” Why, everybody out there is dead! They can’t do anything. And until we have come to God for salvation, you and I are dead in trespasses and sins. We have no life to commit to Him. Until the sin issue is settled — until we are born again and have received a new nature — we can do nothing that is pleasing to God.

Thru The Bible with J. Vernon McGee.