Somebody said to me, “Pastor, if a man has been baptized with the Holy Spirit, could he ever backslide?”
I had to say: “Keep this in mind. There isn’t anything that God can do for you in this world—short of glorification in the world above—that will guarantee that you can’t be careless about it, and drag it in the dust, and make a mess of it.”
Actually, it is an awful thing to think that anybody who has seen heaven opened, and seen the glory of God, can yet become careless afterward. But it is true.

And I am not raising the question of eternal security or the opposite. I am only saying that a man filled with the Holy Spirit may allow the cares of this life to dull his spiritual life, to neglect his prayer life, and lose out in his spiritual life.
Nothing that God can do for you can fix you like concrete so that you will always be good.
You have to walk with God.
We read about careless Christians in the epistles, and they had to be warned and cautioned, and Christians in error have to be corrected.Tozer Pulpit, The – The Tozer Pulpit – Volume 1.