C. T. Studd lived from 1860-1931. He was educated at Cambridge and was one of the top cricket players of his time. In fact, he was so good that others in the sporting world compared him to America’s Babe Ruth or Ty Cobb. Well, it so happened that C. T. became a Christian. As a result he decided to contend for men and women who seemed headed for the fires of Hell. He gave away a fortune and became part of the famous Cambridge Seven, bright university students who left comfortable England and went instead to the mission field. Eventually Studd died an old man in distant Africa, but not before saying:

Some want to live within the sound
Of church or chapel bell,
I want to run a rescue shop
Within a yard of hell

C. T. was a Jude-like Christian. He knew what it meant to contend. And I can tell you that the times haven’t changed. We need some from this generation to conduct themselves with the contending grace of seeing to the work of getting others saved. — Preaching the Word – 1 & 2 Peter and Jude: Sharing Christ’s Sufferings.