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If you are enjoying rapid growth in your Sunday School, I’d like to ask you to share your story. email me at josh@joshhunt.com

I am in dozens of churches every year with fast-growing Sunday schools. I have never actually tracked it, but I would guess that 70% of the churches I am in are growing, many of them growing rapidly. To be sure, I am in an above-average cross section of churches. The churches that have me in are fired up about growth. I am not the first Sunday School growth trainer that they have had in, and I won’t be the last.

Yet, there is this perception held by many that Sunday School is not really a vital way of reaching people today. I read a stat on this blog that said, “Only 15% of ministers regarded Sunday school as a leading concern.” We come by this perception honestly.

Drop by you nearest Christian book store. Go to the pastor’s book section. Read the top 10 best-selling books. Ask yourself, would you get the impression that Sunday school is a vital way of reaching people today? Sunday School, it seems, has an image problem.

I’d like to help by creating a forum where leaders of fast growing Sunday Schools can tell their stories. I’d suggest you do so with the following 5 questions:

  1. Overview. In a nutshell, tell us about your church. What was it like when you came? What is happening now?
  2. Victories. What were 2 or 3 real moments of victory for you?
  3. Failures. We learn from these. Tell us what didn’t work.
  4. Learnings. What have been some of your big ones. What you have learned along the way?
  5. What do most pastors need to know? What are the take aways? What can we learn from your story?

Don’t be bashful!  Send me your story! I’d love to tell the world about it.