I do like big prayers, brethren. I have some regard for the memory of William Huntington, though I should be sorry to endorse all that he said and did. He was a man whose prayers God heard and answered, but what were his prayers often? I smile, sometimes, as I think of what he asked of God: “Lord, give me a new pair of leather breeches;” or, “Give me a horse and carriage,” and he got them. William Carey cried, “India for Christ,” and his prayer has kept on ringing right down the ages, and the Church of God is still praying, “India for Christ,” and that prayer will be heard and answered in God’s good time. Little boats, that carry small cargoes, come quickly home; but the big ships, that do business in great waters, are much longer in reaching the home port; but, then, they bring back much more precious loads. Huntington’s prayer was the little boat that proved God’s faithfulness; but Carey’s prayer was the big ship, which will come home as surely as the other one did. So, “open thy mouth wide,” brother, and ask something that will be honoring to God to give.

Spurgeon’s Collected Sermons (Met. Tabern. Pul.) – Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit.