Never underestimate the power of a parry to draw a crowd! Every two months, we planned social gatherings. Amongst ourselves we jokingly called them “sinner dinners.” We found that we could double our attendance and get non-churched students to come to our house if the kids invited them to a “party.” We have found if we have a theme (“Squirt Gun Wars,” “I Hate Winter,” “Halloween Bonfire,” and “Fifties Night” are always hits), grill some hot dogs, and play a few corny games, we’ll have a crowd. They will have a blast and will listen intently to a few of their friends share their story of how they came to a personal relationship with Jesus. We have had as many as eighty-nine kids show up and as many as a dozen make salvation decisions for Christ-all because we had a party. Adults enjoy parties too. You’d be surprised how many of your group’s friends will come to a game night or get together to watch a movie. Just remember that guests love to contribute, so ask them to bring something tasty with them and they’ll instantly feel at home at the gathering. Testimony One of the easiest ways to gain attention, sustain interest, and preach the gospel without being “preachy” in your small group meetings is to have someone share how they came to Christ. It is wise to have a testimony that somewhat mirrors the people you hope to reach. For example, if you are inviting unsaved husbands to your group have a former unsaved husband share how he came to Christ.

The Pocket Guide to Leading a Small Group: 52 Ways to Help You and Your Small Group Grow by Dave Earley, Rod Dempsey