Imagine a world where everyone in your congregation or everyone in your group received an email every day related to what you are going to preach on this Sunday.

If you were a member of my church, that could be true. And it is pretty easy to set up. Here is an article I wrote recently on how to set up a WordPress blog.

How to create a WordPress Site for FREE

If you use one of the literature series below, you will soon be able to receive timely posts related to your lessons. (starts June 1)

You can sign up to the blog so that you get an email each time it is updated. I’d encourage you to get your whole group to sign up. I am hoping it will create a bit of a conversation: “Did you see. . . ?”

It is pretty easy to set up and manage. As you study, you just copy and paste stories that related to your sermon. Ask your members to sign up.

What a time to be alive!