Imagine you are studying the story of Jericho. What would it be like if everyone in your group got to visit the ancient city of Jericho the week before the discussion. What might that do for the conversation?

By way of we can approximate this. There is a lot of great archeology on

Check out this video:

Or this one:

I used this one Easter Sunday:

Way cool. What a time to be alive. I am including some of these videos in my new blogs that support all four literature series that I write for. Access to the blogs is completely free and will supplement your understanding of the text. Check them out:

You can sign up to the blog so that you get an email each time it is updated. I’d encourage you to get your whole group to sign up. I am hoping it will create a bit of a conversation: “Did you see. . . ?”

This service is available to all, free of charge. It is an enhancement to Good Questions Have Groups Talking, but it is available to everyone.