A disturbing trend among Sunday School and small group ministries over the past couple of decades is the emphasis placed on adult groups. The Sunday School movement started with an emphasis on kids, with adult classes coming later, partly in response to the question, “What do we do with the adults while the kids are learning?” Today that has—I believe unfortunately—switched. The question I hear pastors wrestling with now is “What do we do with the kids while the adults are enjoying their classes or small groups?” I think that’s the wrong question. In North America, we have two generations left (maybe) before the near extinction of orthodox, church-centered Christianity in Europe sweeps our own continent. Will it make a difference if your church decides to build a Sunday School fueled by a missionary mentality, focused on kids and their families? I don’t know. But I think it’s worth a try! Whether you actually call it Sunday School or ascribe a different label in your church, will you consider engaging in this historic and effective missionary enterprise with fresh fervor? Do you need to lead the way? Or simply follow well?


David Francis