Did you know that one issue determines the likelihood of sustained growth or lack thereof of a Sunday school? The issue is whether or not your church provides training for its Sunday school leaders. You may recall the 2001 study of the fastest growing Sunday schools in Georgia cited earlier. The research revealed that the most common factor among these churches was that they provided training for their teachers and leaders. The churches were all sizes from small to large, and they accounted for 42 percent of the gain in Sunday school attendance and 15 percent of the baptisms in the year of the study, though they comprised only 1.3 percent of the churches.’ Further research revealed that congregations that provided at least four training sessions per year experienced a gain of more than 11 percent in attendance over a three-year span while those that provided no training declined by 2 percent during the same period of time.2 Training is the greatest influence on the growth of the Sunday school and is also a tremendous influence on whether or not you personally grow as a leader and teacher.
Steve Parr. Sunday School That Really Works: A Strategy for Connecting Congregations and Communities (pp. 175-176). Kindle Edition.