The key to reproducing each of those first small groups that we led was asking someone in our group to be our apprentice leader. An apprentice leader is someone who agrees to be developed and mentored as a leader and is eventually released to start a new small group. One of my first small group apprentices was a guy by the name of Jerry. Jerry was not even a believer, but he was actively searching for God, and that was good enough for me. Jerry eventually made a commitment to become a Christ follower, was baptized, and then immediately reproduced and started leading a new small group. Since that time, those small groups of eight to twelve people have reproduced countless times. Today we are a church with more than seven thousand attenders and a network of more than thirty thousand people celebrating every week with several thousand reproducing small groups. — Ferguson, Dave (2010). Exponential (p. 24). Zondervan. Kindle Edition.