Imagine me getting to share the stage with Dr. Elmer Towns! For me, this is a dream come true!

The date is March 23 and 24. The place is Valdosta, GA. The cost will be $25 per person. ($20 if you sign up early.) Steve Parr, author of Sunday School that Really Works will be there as well. I can hardly wait!

Dr. Elmer Towns

Dr. Towns is the author of one of the most successful outreach programs ever written: Friend Day. I was profoundly influenced by Dr. Towns comprehensive work on Sunday School: 154 Steps to Revitalize Your Sunday School. Dr. Towns is the co-founder of Liberty University and was their first full time professor. He currently serves as the Dean of the School of Religion.

Dr. Steve Parr is an old friend and is the head of Evangelism and Sunday School for the Georgia Baptist Convention. He has published one book and has a second coming out this fall:Sunday School That Really Responds: Wisdom for Confronting Common Sunday School Emergencies. His third one is already under contract. I will be co-authoring that one, along with several other writers. I deeply respect the work that he and his team are doing in Georgia. With this new series of books, Dr. Parr is becoming a major national voice for Sunday School.

This event is the second in a series we are calling All Star Sunday School Training. We are seeking to get those who are doing a lot of writing and speaking on Sunday School together on the same stage for a high-energy weekend of training. The five people on the team are Allan Taylor, Dr. Steve Parr, Dr. Elmer Towns, David Francis and Josh Hunt. Three of us will speak at each event.

This event will not be like a lot of Sunday School training events where participants break up into small groups for training. We dream of a high-energy, motivational event with up-beat music and the best Sunday School speakers giving their best material.

The first All Star Training will be in the Charlotte area on February 17, 18. Allan Taylor, Dr. Steve Parr and I will be the speakers at that event.

We have two other dates available for the spring. The dates and speakers are:

  • April 20-21  Steve Parr, Josh Hunt, David Francis
  • April 27-28   Steve Parr, Josh Hunt, Elmer Towns

    Steve Parr

These events are planned on a shared risk/ shared reward basis. No particular honorarium is required to host the event. The conference fee is divided among the host and the three trainers for each event. The host pays travel. With a crowd or 300 or so, the event should break even for the host.

If you are interested in hosting one of the two available dates we have, please contact me at or 575.650.4564




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