I was reminded last weekend why I love Good Questions Have Groups Talking. My Sunday School teacher asked me to teach on Friday. I was happy to teach, but it was Friday and I had a busy weekend. I re-discovered the truth of my slogan: If you can read 20 questions, you can teach a Sunday School class.

Good Questions Have Groups Talking correspond with these outlines:

  • Family Bible Series
  • Explore the Bible
  • Masterwork
  • International Standard Series

The can be used supplementally, or stand-alone. Each lesson consists of 20 ready-to-use questions. Answers are provided in the form of excerpts from best selling authors such as Max Lucado, John Maxwell, and Beth Moore. I include some great attention-getting stories that drive the lesson home in every lesson.

Check them out this weekend for free!  Just go to www.joshhunt.com Click on lessons. Click on whatever lessons you want. Keep clicking till you are blocked by a box asking for a username and password. Enter this information:

user: winter

pass: coming

Enjoy! And may God richly bless your teaching ministry.


Josh Hunt
Author, Good Questions Have Groups Talking


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