He invited a coworker to go backpacking with his church group. He knew the man wasn’t saved, but that didn’t matter. He was building a bridge of friendship. He knew once the relationship was established, God would provide an opportunity to share the gospel message.

She waited for God’s timing before asking her neighbor to visit her church. For months the women had exchanged recipes and stories about their children. Even though the neighbor did not attend church regularly, she began to show interest in spiritual things. A year later she prayed to receive Christ as her Savior.

Many times God will allow you to tell of His saving grace immediately. Other times He may want you to wait before leading another down salvation’s path. It’s important to remember that God is in control of each situation. Waiting offers great opportunities for the construction of relational bridges by which His love and acceptance can travel.

Think of Jesus and the many ways He related to people. At one point the Pharisees tried to insult Him by calling Him a friend to tax collectors, but it didn’t work. Matthew was a former tax collector and could testify to Jesus’ love and acceptance of all.

Lord, help me to build bridges to others. Make me sensitive to Your timing.

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