There’s an emerging trend that merits consideration in the peoplegrouping conversation. After decades in which coed classes dominated the scene in Sunday morning classes and weekday small groups, single gender classes are making a comeback. And not just among adults! One of the most consistently effective student Sunday Schools I know of has organized all its classes–for both middle and high schoolers–for girls and boys. In fact, because of tremendous growth coupled with lack of space, this thriving student ministry now meets in a school building. Mi ssionary Mentality 14 Transformational Class Students who ride buses to and from the church campus for worship usually do not have a room for their class. Instead they gather around tables in an open area. The tables are labeled by grade and gender and facilitated by a teacher of the same gender. This trend is less prominent in classes for kids, although it would certainly be feasible to have separate tables for girls and boys within the same classroom if–and it’s a big if–you actually have dedicated men to staff those tables. Come on, guys! Man up! Boys need to see men who love Jesus and are willing to teach them about Him! Get some missionary mentality!

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