In research findings reported by Thom S. Rainer in High Expectations: The Remarkable Secret for Keeping People in Your Church, new Christians who had joined a sample of churches were tracked for five years. Among those who only attended worship, fewer than 20 percent were still active five years later. However, among those who attended both worship and Sunday School, over 80 percent were still active after five years. (Having fielded questions about whether these findings apply to small groups, I asked Dr. Rainer. He says that the research did not include 31 WorshIp: actively embrace Jesus small groups, but that it is not unreasonable to assume that there is a similar if not exact correlation, at least directionally.



David Francis  is part of the All Star Sunday School Training Team. The others are Allan Taylor, Dr. Elmer Towns, Steve Parr and Josh Hunt. We have a couple of dates we are looking for hosts. These are done on a shared risk/ shared reward basis. If promotion is done effectively, it should be a break-even for the host. See for details.