I believe strongly in the three tasks of Sunday School:

  • reach people,
  • teach people, and
  • minister to people.

I also believe strongly that mission is best accomplished in the context of a small group. I try to let my principles guide my decisions. I was in a meeting with our adult education team and our missions department. We embraced the idea that our worldwide mission endeavors should be funneled through our Sunday School classes because mission is best accomplished in the context of a small group. There was no need to invent another small group organization when there was one already in place. The decision was made to implement our Acts 1:8 strategy of taking the gospel from “Woodstock to the World” through individual Sunday School classes. We had just started a third Sunday School hour with fifty-two new classes. In our meeting the discussion came up about how we could get these new classes involved in a Strategic Mission Partnership (SMP). I was uncomfortable with pursuing this with our new classes because we had just birthed them; they were not ready for this kind of ministry yet. They had not developed as a class to the point that they could handle this. Like a child, they needed time to mature.

Taylor, Allan (2009-06-01). Sunday School in HD: Sharpening the Focus on What Makes Your Church Healthy (pp. 93-94). B&H Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

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