JoshTired of shallow Bible Study Lessons that seem to say the same things over and over? How would you like deep insights from some of the best books and commentaries every written? Good Questions parallel Lifeway’s three outlines, as well as the International Standard Series. They can be used stand-alone or supplemental to your existing literature. Thousands of lessons are available. Four new lessons added each week.

Each lesson consists of about 20 questions that are ready-to use in class and make preparation a breeze. They also make finding teachers much easier.  Answers are provided via quotes from some of the best books and commentaries every written. We routinely quote such writers as:

  • John Piper
  • John MacArthur
  • Henry Blackaby
  • Warren Wiersbe
  • Tony Evans

We research the same commentaries your pastor likely uses in his preparation each week, and bring you some of the best insights from each. Some of the favorite commentaries we quote include:

  • Homan
  • New American Commentary
  • Life Application Commentary
  • Baker
  • Barclay
  • and many more

One more thing. Each lesson includes several memorable stories to make the lesson come alive. Sometimes funny, sometimes touching, several great stories are included in every lesson.