JoshJesus taught using stories; so should we. I try to include stories like this in all my lessons.

Satan desires that we not receive the blessings that God has for us. Chuck Swindoll shared a story that took place some years ago. The people of Texas were being plagued by a Mexican bandit who continuously slipped across the border and robbed their banks. His name was Jorge Rodriguez. He had become bolder and more successful, and yet, they could never capture him before he hightailed it back across the border to his hideout in the mountains of Mexico. Finally, they had enough of this so they hired a well-known detective and sent him down into Mexico to get back their money. He set off for the small town reputed to be the hideout of Rodriquez.

The detective found the small Mexican town, walked into the saloon, and, lo and behold, there in the corner was the man he was after, Jorge Rodriquez. “Aha!” he said, “I’ve found you!” and he pulled out his gun. “Where have you hidden the millions you have stolen from our banks in Texas? Tell me, or I’ll blow you away!”

At this point another man, Juan Garcia, who was also in the saloon, stepped up to the detective and said, “Sir, you are wasting your time talking to Jorge like this. He doesn’t understand a word of English. He has no idea what you just said. Would you like me to translate for you.?” The detective said, “Yes, of course. Tell him to confess to me where the money is or I’ll kill him.”

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So Juan Garcia turned to Jorge and jabbered away at him for a few moments in Spanish. There was much gesturing and chattering, and Jorge told Juan in Spanish that if he would take the man to the well that was just a mile out of town, climb down into the well, and remove the third brick, there he would find more than $3 million in gold. When Jorge was finished speaking, Juan, the helpful translator, turned around to the detective and said, “Senor, he says that he has absolutely no idea where the gold is. I’m sorry.” ‘Jorge is a brave man; he chooses to die'”

Beloved, this is the way Satan works. He wants to rob you of God’s blessings and all that the Lord has for you. He will endeavor to get you to doubt God’s promises. He does not want you to have eternal life or the rewards that come from faithfully serving the Lord. This is why John and Paul issued a warning to us that reminds us to beware of Satan’s deceptions. — Mattoon’s Treasures – Treasures from 2 Corinthians.