When I launched Good Questions years ago, I found the best home I could find. I knew it was a little cheesy at the time, but hey, it is all I could find.

That was 7 years ago; an eternity in the life of the Internet.

We are pleased to announce a new home for Good Questions Have Groups Talking. Here are some key benefits to you:

  • Passwords will be completely within your control. You can change it to whatever you want and look it up any time you want. This has been a constant problem over the years. Paypal assigns goofy, impossible to remember, unchangeable passwords. On top of that, it was very complicated to look up what they were. We didn’t have access to the passwords paypal assigned and couldn’t help our users. When people didn’t use paypal, we were stuck a manual system that only worked when we were in front of a computer. If we were on the road, it might take days before we could get back with a customer and give them the information they needed. All that has changed now. In the new system you can make your password whatever you want and look it up if you forget it. Cool.
  • We had a sliding scale based on the size of the church. The new system will have a sliding scale based on the numbers of classes that use the lessons. The old system worked as long as everyone in the church wanted to use the lessons. But, if it were a large church but only a few teachers used the lessons, the plan didn’t make any sense. And, there were inevitable questions about what we mean by the size of the church. My final answer was always, “Let your conscience be your guide.” With the new system you can buy as many passwords as you need. If you are a huge church but you only have five teachers that use Good Questions, you only need to purchase what you need.
  • I am organizing the lessons by topic, Old Testament Lesson, and New Testament Lessons. If you want to do a study on Exodus, you don’t have to scratch around for days to find it. Just click on Old Testament and the lessons are listed in the order of the biblical books. Note: this is a time consuming process adding the lessons by hand. I will be adding several series each day until it is complete. I appreciate your patience. If you have a series you would like moved to the new system, just ask. My host tells me the are working to create a search system that will further enhance the capabilities. Google can’t search password protected files.


We hope to transition everyone to the new system in the next year. Here are some things to keep in mind about the transition.

  • These are completely separate system hosted on physically different hardware. The old password will not work on the new system.
  • The old system will continue to work as always–at least for the time being. The links at www.joshhunt.com point to the new system. See https://www.joshhunt.com/all.htm to access the old system.
  • As your subscription expires, we will recommend you go to the new system. See http://mygoodquestions.com/
  • I have tried to provide a number of links back and forth from the old to the new. Hope it is not too confusing.
  • If you are on a paypal system, I recommend you cancel it and sign up for the new system. To cancel, log into your Paypal account. If you are in an annual subscription, you will likely want to wait till near the end of your term.
  • The new system will send a couple of reminders when your account is about to expire. You will need to manually re-sign up for a new year. We have had a number of people over the years sign up for automatically renewing lessons, then contact us to complain that they did not authorize this renewal. This system requires you to re-sign up. I’d be curious to get your feedback on this. It can be set up to allow for automatic renewals but does not do so as it now stands. I never like the feeling that people think I am taking their money without their permission.


I hope you like the new system. It will take quite a while to get all the lessons in the new system, but I think it will be worth it.

If you are not familiar with Good Questions, here are some highlights:

  • Lesson correspond with Lifeway’s outlines plus the International Standard Series. (Note: I don’t plan at this time to take on the gospel project. Four a week is about all I can keep up with. However, if there are a bunch of you who would like Good Questions for the Gospel Project series, e-mail me and I will consider it.
  • Lessons can be used stand-alone or supplementally. Most churches use them supplementally.
  • Each lesson consists of about 20 ready-to use questions that get groups talking. The save time, make it easy to teach and easy to find teachers. If you can read 20 questions you can teach a Bible Study.
  • Answers are provided in the form of short quotes from commentaries and trade books. I quote people like John Piper, Max Lucado, Beth Moore and other best-selling authors.

There are samples online at http://www.mygoodquestions.com/


If you have questions or comments, please feel free to e-mail me at josh@joshhunt.com. Or, if you want to call, my cell is 575.650.4564