Ben Pritchett serves as Minister of Education at Houston’s First Baptist Church. This is the church were Harry Piland pacticed and taught the rest of us how to do Sunday School. I received an email the other day that said:

We just had a great start to a new year with 4530 in Bible Study and 5930 in Worship. This was 817 above the same Sunday last year and 341 above our average attendance. That’s the best single Sunday in Bible Study  since the mid-eighties.  PTL!!!  We also had a great month financially in December with over $7 million for budget and missions giving. Just 14 or so years ago the whole annual budget was $8 million.  God is really blessing our church and I’m not sure of how many churches are “re-dreaming the dream” like HFBC!

Just in case there is someone out there that thinks Sunday School doesn’t still work, please don’t tell Ben; he doesn’t know any better!


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