A good Sunday School lesson is interesting. People don’t look a their watches. They linger after it is over. They are involved. They are engaged. They are nor easily distracted.

A good Sunday School lesson informs. People learn something they did not know before. There is more to this than making people smarter, but there is never less. People who sit in a Sunday School class should get educated about the Bible. They should know that Daniel is after David. They should learn how the story of the Bible fits together.

A good Sunday School lesson makes people laugh. In a healthy class, much of this laughter will come from the spontaneous outpouring of a group enjoying being together. It never hurts, however, to look up a few funny stories to include in every lesson. It is the rare communicator who can connect with an audience without humor. I think Andy Stanley said that.

A good Sunday School lesson includes. People feel involved. Most of them talk.

A good Sunday School lesson changes lives. The test of a good lesson is not how people think or feel or even what they decided to do while they are in class. The test of the lesson is what they do when they are outside of class. The goal is always changed lives to the glory of God.