As you study your lesson in preparation for Bible Study each week, consider these words by Mark Water:

Read to Make You “Wise for Salvation”

Remember what the main purpose of the Bible is. It is not to acquire knowledge. According to 2 Timothy 3:15, Bible reading is “to make us wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus.”

Don’t Be Afraid to Study the Bible

• Don’t forget that you will get nowhere without relying on the Holy Spirit as you read, think, and study.
• Read through a different Bible book each month.
• Read one psalm every day.

Things to Do

1 Compile your own biography.Find all the references you can to Peter in the New Testament. Make a list of the references. Write down one thing you learn about Peter’s character next to each reference.
2 Read from a version of the Bible you have never used before.
3 Read one chapter from the New Testament in as many different Bible versions as possible.
4 Memorize verses. Memorize one Bible verse that has really helped you each week or month. Make a list of these verses and note down why you like them.
5 Read an Old Testament book you are unfamiliar with.
6 Watch a video about the Holy Land.
7 From the Book of Proverbs, compile a list of topics that are mentioned.
8 Use a computer. There are numerous software programs available. Your local Christian bookstore should be able to help you.
9 Buy a study Bible. These help you to understand the Bible better and better.
10 Join in with other people. Many churches and Christian organizations have Bible study groups, which can be very useful places for learning more about the Bible.
11 Read everything written in the New Testament by John. Start with John’s Gospel, then his three letters, and finally the Book of Revelation.
12 Read John chapter ten alongside Psalm 23.
13 Each Christmas, ask for a present to help your Bible study.
14 Read a promise from the Bible before you go to sleep.
15 Listen to Handel’s Messiah.
Water, M. (1998). Bible Study made easy. The Made Easy Series (64). Alresford, Hampshire: John Hunt Publishers Ltd.

Every Sunday School lesson would benefit from these ideas.