Billy is my father in law. I sit in his Sunday School class every week. He teaches from my Sunday School lessons.

A couple of weeks ago I sat mesmerized as he asked questions and gave brilliant answers. The lesson that day was from Luke 18 and Jesus’ story of the persistent widow. Billy was using one of my Good Questions Have Groups Talking. That day, I had quoted heavily from Bill Hybels book Too Busy Not To Pray.

Too Busy book was based on a series of sermons that Hybels preached years ago. It was a series of sermons that changed my life. There were a handful of repeated phrases in that series of sermons that sill ring in heart.

Too busy not to prayBill Hybels is one of my favorite preachers, leaders and writers. I have listened to hundreds of sermons he has preached and read most of his books. By any standard he is a world-class preacher and writer. If you want to be a great Sunday School teacher, include quotes in your lessons from people like Bill Hybels. Include quotes from Church Swindoll, Max Lucado and Beth Moore. Your Sunday School lessons will be brilliant and your people will be blessed.

This is one of the problems with a lot of Sunday School material. It is written by good old boys who are not world class writers. It is one of the things I like about Lifeway’s Masterwork series: it is written by world class writers.

Every week as I write Good Questions Have Groups Talking I try to include quotes from world class writers. I try to include something profound. I try to include something funny. I try to include something deep. I try to include something insightful. I try to include something fresh: something people have never heard before. When you write your Sunday School lesson, you should do the same.

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