Writing Sunday School lessons every day, I buy lots of books—on average about one a day. All of them I start. Rarely do I finish one. Every now and then I like the book so well I buy the audio version from www.audible.com It has to be an exceptional book for me to buy both the Kindle version and the audio version. Platform, by Michael Hyatt was one of those books.

Platform is about getting a message out. Anyone who feels they have something to share would do well to read Platform. Anyone who wants to maximize modern technology such as Blogs, Facebook and Twitter will find Platform a must-read.

As I writer, I found Platform interesting because it is written by a writer and publisher. Michael Hyatt is the chairman of Thomas Nelson Publisher, the largest Christian publisher in the world and the 7th largest trade publisher in the world. Thomas Nelson has published many of the top selling Christian books over the last decade.

Hyatt knows what is talking about. He has a blog with over 400,000 monthly visitors. More than 50,000 subscribe to his daily blog posts. He has 125,000 followers on Twitter.

Yet, he is a regular guy. Other than being the Chairman of a major publisher, he is a pretty normal guy. He is not a rock star. He doesn’t have a television show. He has not been in any movies. He built his online reputation click by click, post by post, contact by contact.

Platform is a secular book written to a secular audience. However, Michael Hyatt is a thorough going Christian. He is a member of Ignatius Orthodox Church in Franklin, Tennessee, where he has served as a deacon for twenty-five years.

One of the many things I found fascinating about this book was his mention of Google Alerts. By subscribing to this free service, you can become aware any time your name (or anything else) is mentioned anywhere on the web. So, here is a test. Michael, do you really pay attention to all this? If so, please comment on this blog post.

Have you read Platform? What did you think? What else have you read recently that was good?