I love this story from my friend Bob Mayfield’s blog http://www.bobmayfield.com/why-connect/:

Let me share a story of a SAC church doing this very thing. My office did an Acts 1:8 SAC church growth conference in the Johnston Marshal Association a few years ago. At the end of the session the church leadership from Coleman Baptist caught the vision of starting new classes and decided to start an adult class the very next day. They chose the teacher, shared where they would meet, went home and started calling people. Their Sunday school doubled from 10 to 20 in one week. In 2006 their average worship attendance was 20 and their average Sunday school attendance was 10. In 2007 it was 30 in worship and 24 in SS. In 2008 it grew to 36 in worship and 34 in SS. In the 2011 ACP report they recorded an average worship attendance of 67 and average SS attendance of 48 and baptized 12 souls. Also, their offerings went from $22,279 in 2006 to $139,236 in 2011.