How to get a standing room only crowd for Sunday School training, part 5

There has never been a better time to spread the gospel. Because of technology we have an unprecedented opportunity to get our message out.

This is why I send out an e-newsletter and have done so for years. (I am currently on issue #568) Currently I am using this to build the awareness of all of the All Star Sunday School Trainers by sending out short excerpts from their writings. If you have an All Star Meeting in your area, I’d encourage you to sign up all the pastors in your area and all the teachers in your church. If they regularly hear about speakers that are coming it will make promotion a whole lot easier when it comes time to promote the event.

I’d encourage you to use Facebook to build awareness. I encourage classes to do this to build awareness among their friends of their group and their church. I encourage every class to have a Facebook moment during every class where the pause and allow people to post things to Facebook such as. . .

  • Great to see my friends in Bible Study today.
  • What a great lesson my teacher had in Bible Study this week!
  • Fantastic discussion in Bible Study!
  • I rejoiced with those who said unto me, “Let us go unto the house of the Lord!”

I’d encourage you and your team to post regularly in Facebook things like:

  • We look forward to hosting Steve Parr and the All Star Team Jul 21, 22
  • Only 2 more weeks till the All Star Team with Ken Hemphill is here to encourage and inspire.
  • I can’t wait to hear Dr. Elmer Towns tell how he came to faith in Christ through the Sunday School.

To make this easier, I suggest you use Tweetdeck or something like it. It allows you to automate your posts. You can sit down and in one setting create a bunch of posts that will update every day until the event.

I’d recommend you get a long list of email addresses and send them relevant articles with a note that this author is coming to town. (I have a gazillion such posts on my web page that can be copied and pasted for your use.)

I get an email from a friend every Monday about a Bible Study he is doing in his home on Monday night. Every Monday I will get a reminder with info on the topic, time and place.  I am never offended because it is from a friend and he knows I am interested. One of these days I am going to show up. Multiple emails will get me there. Multiple emails will get your people there as well.

What ideas do you have for getting a crowd? I’d love to hear?

I always get a good crowd at churches that use my Sunday School lessons. For a free trial subscription, email me at