Guest post from Mark Howell

One of the most challenging books in the last several years has been David Platt’s Radical: Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream.  What made it so challenging?  Radical began with a great question, “What if Jesus actually meant what he said?”  When the dust cleared on the book, readers had been challenged “to abandon everything for the sake of the gospel, take up their crosses, and follow Christ.”

Platt is the lead pastor of The Church at Brook Hills in Birmingham, Alabama, and one of the most dynamic young communicators in America.  Whether you’ve heard him before or this is your first time, you’ll not soon forget the power of this message or the conviction of this messenger.

There are several components to this small group Bible study.  First, while this is a DVD-driven study, it is anchored by a very thoughtfully designed member book that provides an experience that goes well beyond the meeting.  In addition to a viewer guide makes it easy to follow Platt’s teaching, a very good set of discussion questions will help members begin to engage in the content. Reinforcing the experience of the group meeting, each of the sessions are supported by five daily studies that will take participants even deeper into Jesus’ teaching and the call to His first century challenge.

The DVD segments represent some of the most compelling teaching I’ve ever reviewed.  With footage taken from a message series at The Church at Brook Hills, I found myself reminded of certain eyewitness accounts of certain communicators during the time of the Great Awakening.  Averaging just over 30 minutes, these segments will easily hold members’ attention.  Members may find themselves searching for an easier explanation but they won’t find their minds wandering.  So compelling is the message, I found myself glued to the screen.

In addition to the member book and the DVD, the Radical Small Group Study – DVD Kit also includes a number of other resources:

  • Radical (a paperback copy of the 2010 book)
  • Radical Together (Platt’s follow up to Radical; written to speak directly to groups)
  • Downloadable sermon outlines
  • Downloadable worship suggestions
  • Downloadable prayer experiences

If your groups are looking for a challenge,  the Radical Small-Group Study may be just the ticket.  This is an extremely powerful study.  In many ways it deserves a warning label (something like “Caution: Messages inside this box are more powerful and more dangerous than they appear.  Leave unopened only at your own risk.”).  I highly recommend it.  Not for the faint of heart but just might be the medicine you’ve been looking for.