I have an increasing sense of calling that my purpose in this world is to help Sunday School teachers. . .

  • Sound brilliant
  • Be interesting
  • Make the group laugh. It is a rare communicator that can connect with a group without humor
  • Sare deep insights
  • Tell touching stories, and
  • Communicate so effectively that lives are changed.

I do this by writing Good Questions Have Groups Talking. But, I have a problem, and I’d like to ask for your help.

Every month millions of people go on to Google and search for Bible Study Lessons, Sunday School lessons and related searches. Here are the numbers:

  • Sunday School lessons:            246,000 searches per month
  • Bible Study lessons                  60,500 searches per month
  • Bible Study                              1.2 million searches per month
  • Bible                                        20.4 million searches per month

(By the way, if anyone ever tells you that people today are not interested in Spiritual things, you might point this out to them.)

So, how many of these are finding Good Questions Have Groups Talking? About a hundred a day. Why? I have buried on the second page, or worse. You can help. (I have actually moved up from #17 to #11 and number of visitors through search is up 18%.)

Google algorithm for judging sites is a closely held secret. However, there is widespread agreement that one of the main ways they judge the quality of a site is how many other sites link to it. This is evident in the following chart. Column #1 is my site. The others are the current top 4 under “Sunday School Lessons.” Notice the row toward the bottom, “Total Linking Root Domains.” My site has 335. The next lowest has 519. The highest has 1618. 700 or so will get this mail. This is why I am buried on the second page.

If your church has a web page, I’d like to ask you a favor. Could you create a link from your web page to www.joshhunt.com? It doesn’t have to be big and bold and on the front page. They lin be buried as long as Google can find it.  I want to get Good Questions to as many people as possible and I will never do it as long as I am buried on the second page.
Oh, and by the way, I am happy to link to your page as well. It may help your search rankings as well.